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Customized Interior & Exterior Remodeling Services in Chicago IL

Every property, whether it’s a home or workspace, needs renovation after a specific time. It is not only crucial in sustaining an attractive outlook but also to enhance its market value. At Alpha House Construction, we strive to deliver our customers their dream living/working space. Therefore, our highly qualified and experienced staff offer customized interior & exterior remodeling services in Chicago, IL & surrounding areas. With us, you can appreciate the most beautiful building in the entire town effortlessly.

Years of Experience & Matchless Capability

When it comes to remodeling, only an expert is capable of delivering satisfactory outcomes. Therefore, at Alpha House Construction, we only appoint workers with a minimum of 5 years of hands-on occupational experience. From designers to architects and laborers, everyone is skilled, passionate, and dedicated to work. So far, we have renovated several buildings successfully and always look forward to a new challenging project!

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Yes, we are certified and licensed general contractors, offering a wide range of home improvement services just for you.

The time duration varies for each project depending upon its scope. In general, it takes about 2 to 5 working days to complete a renovation project.

For the convenience of clients, our experts always offer a free quote before the service. To get one, give us a call at 818-747-3144!

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