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Full-Service Deck, Porches & Fences Maintenance Services in Chicago, IL

Every property owner desires to appreciate the exceptional curb appeal of their house/workspace. The exterior of the property plays a crucial role in determining its overall outlook. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure its efficient maintenance and upkeep. Alpha House Construction makes this task stress-free for you by offering its professional assistance! Avail of our full-service deck, porches & fences maintenance Services in Chicago, IL, and admire a flawless exterior for as long as you desire.

An Overview of Our Wide-Ranging Facility

For decks, porches, and fences, everyone has a different preference. Thus, our experts always hold a consultation session with the clients to understand their particular demands. You can unquestionably count on us for customized installation, maintenance, or repair work. Moreover, we can do all of it resourcefully, from cleaning the old fences to building a new porch. Over the years, we have productively served several gratified clients. Our impeccable track record is proof of our selfless dedication and commitment to work.

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Yes, we can build you a porch on your existing deck. Although, there are certain factors to consider, like the deck’s structure. Therefore, it is wise to get an inspection first.

Our experts use innovative cleaning methods to remove all the accumulated dust and debris. With us, you can enjoy beautiful fences in the long run.

To get a free estimate at Alpha House Construction, call us at (818) 747-3144, and our agent will guide you about the rest of the procedure.

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