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Leading Commercial Renovation Services in Chicago IL

Maintaining an impressive outlook is a matter of concern for many business owners. Commercial properties demand additional care and upkeep compared to residential ones. Above all, it is necessary to renovate a workspace every 3 to 5 years as a dull appearance can affect brand image. At Alpha House Construction, our experts recognize the inconvenience many business owners face. Therefore, we offer leading commercial renovation services in Chicago, IL & surrounding areas, so that you can appreciate a sparkling workspace in the long run. 

Our Working Process!

At Alpha House Construction, we recognize that every property is different from others and thus has particular needs. Therefore, a team of experts always visits the site to be revamped to understand its construction and structure. Then, we design our remodeling approach and consult with the client to make sure we are on the same page. After that begins the labor work, the workers use nothing but top-notch quality material to ensure durability. Once the project is complete, our experts perform quality assurance to confirm no error is made.

Service Benefits


Whether you need our assistance for the renovation of the entire building or a portion of the building, you can count on us! There is no work too minor or too challenging for Alpha House Construction.

If you need the renovation of the entire building, then you might have to shut it down. But we can deal with this issue by scheduling your appointment for the weekend.

At Alpha House Construction, we accept payment through cash, credit card, and cheque.

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